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Dave Sharpe

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Dave Sharpe

Welcome to Stronger Photos

You're invited to join our vibrant community of photographers working together to improve our craft.

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About Us

Stronger Photos is a community of photographers of all skill levels coming together to share photos and exchange ideas on how to improve our skills. (Think of it as an online camera club.)   Many websites teach photography skills, but almost none offer the kind of personal interaction and guidance that is the core of our community.  We focus on your photos and encourage all members to offer helpful feedback to guide you in transforming the quality of your images.

Why You Should Join Us

  Stronger Photos provides a deeper sense of community - fellow photographers who've "been there" and want to help each other.  Everyone - new or old - is encouraged to ask questions of each other, make insightful comments on posted images, and inspire each other to grow our skills.   Think of this as having a whole team of personal trainers, coaches and editors working with you.   

   We have monthly tutorials to guide you and encourage you to try new ideas.   Often these tutorials will inspire you to go out and make new images to share with the group. Along with those tutorials there are weekly challenges to encourage you to stretch your skills and share your results with the community. 

Our group is NOT a competition.   We believe in coming together to transform our work into something better.  In just a few short weeks you will likely find yourself thinking differently, photographing differently, and feeling more confident in your skills.

Most of all - you should join because this is FUN!  You can work at your own pace and explore the weekly challenges in your own way.  We want you to enjoy making photos and to feel inspired by the community.

COVID 19  safe  *  Kids Welcome  *  Limited to Humans only  *  ADA accessible

My Story

I'd been a photographer for years before I found the benefits of personal mentoring.  My friends and family told me I was producing great images, but something was missing. I found a mentoring group and immediately saw my photographs improve! I was inspired and challenged to push myself to make better and better images. The collective passion in the group was infectious - we all learned to explore new ideas and methods.  Because of this encouragement,  I soon began selling my photographs and was invited to join two local galleries, even winning several awards for my work.

Along the way, I discovered that I had another passion as well - that of sharing my experience with others.   I began teaching online, with students literally all over the world.  I find great satisfaction in watching student's skills grow and seeing the visible improvement in their work.   

What do we need?

You don't need a big fancy DSLR with a bag full of expensive lenses.   Even a simple cellphone camera is sufficient for our group.   I believe that it's not the camera that makes great images - it's the photographer behind the lens.  We'll talk about everything from basic composition to advanced photo editing. The main things you'll need is a passion for making stronger photographs and a willingness to engage in the community.

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