Welcome To Stronger Photos!

A different way to learn photography and improve your skills.

Think of us as an online photo club - no meetings to attend, no hassles. Just good teaching, honest feedback, and fun interaction with others who love photography.


Get out and make new images based on our monthly Challenge assignment.   Use the tips in the lesson to expand your skills and try out new techniques.  Explore unique ways  to interpret the topic each month.


Post your images to our Challenge Galleries to show others what you’ve accomplished.  Tell us how you achieved your results, and what you would do differently.  Compare your work with others, and offer feedback on their submissions.


Pass along what you’ve learned over the years as a photographer.   We all have something to teach, and this is a great venue to help others improve their skills through peer review.


A great way to learn is to actually take photos, then get feedback from knowledgeable photographers in a non-competitive and supportive community.  This site provides a safe and protected environment for this kind of interaction.

“Consistently good photography takes practice and mentoring – it’s important to seek out feedback on your work as you develop your photographic skills.    Otherwise you’ll just keep repeating the same mistakes over and over, reinforcing those habits that prevent you from making better images.”


Membership is $35/month, with automatic renewal. You're free to cancel anytime, but we're betting you'll get so much value from this site that you'll stay with us for a long time to come..

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Every month we’ll present a new challenge topic – a theme for you to consider when photographing throughout the month. We offer a “mini-tutorial” on each month’s topic, helping you to focus your thoughts on how to create new images based on that topic. We’ve found that having a monthly challenge influences how we photograph and helps us to see new compositions that we otherwise might have passed by.

From time to time, we’ll produce more in-depth tutorials geared to teach specific skills – for example, how to read and use a histogram to produce much better quality images. Tutorials will range from beginning photography to advanced post-processing skills, and be designed to fit the needs of our members.

Along with the monthly lesson, we open a new gallery each month where you can post the images you’ve made in response to the Challenge Lesson. See how other photographers meet the challenge, offer feedback, ask questions,  and learn from each other’s efforts.

Working on your own projects and want some feedback?   We have a Freestyle Gallery  just for you!  Here you can post images NOT related to the monthly challenges, and even post older photos you’d like feedback on.  Show us what you’re working on and be inspired by others.

Any good community depends on lively interaction between the members, and so we have an active Forum where you can ask questions, make suggestions, or chat about your favorite photography topic. Arrange meetups for group shoots, find a mentor, or show off your favorite image here.

For most of us, photography is all about having fun.  Rather than being a competition, Stronger Photos is all about cooperation and sharing of knowledge and opinions.  There are no required assignments, no homework, or tests.     You are simply encouraged to go out and make images, then share your thoughts and opinions with other members.